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March 16 2015

i had a feeling something rly bad would happen today but nothing rly happened. i guess thats good????


Just a reminder that tomorrow (March 16) is the 27th anniversary of the Halabja Chemical Attack  where some 5,000 people were killed and 10,000 were wounded. The attack, carried out by Saddam Hussein, is considered an act of genocide against the Kurdish people and has been named the largest chemical weapons attack against a civilian-populated area in history. I ask that you keep those who perished in the past in your thoughts, and to never forget those who continue to suffer today.

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im so1!!! hyper!!!

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my life isn’t pretty

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木 研 ;
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March 15 2015

im gonan go sleep now im exausted 

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金木 研

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i finished another it was rly good

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Kurokami no Onna:  What you’ve been carrying out isn’t judgment!

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Make me choose // Mey Rin or Finny // asked by fvllbuster
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it’s been almost a year so time for an icon change (σ‾▿‾)-σ

teethjail replied to your post “btw i started watching another”

kuroko2 replied to your post “btw i started watching another”

thats one of my favorites :00

yea i rly like it so far i rly like all the characters tbh…… its so good

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*vacant stare*

btw i started watching another

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